Benefits Include:

  • Increased visibility – especially at night

  • Eliminates excuse "I didn't see the gate"

  • Highly durable and weatherproof

  • Stainless Steel and aluminum so no rust

  • Kits include all needed components, so it's an easy install

  • Strong warranty and technical support

Product Options:

  • 3” round LED-illuminated barrier gate arms. Custom lengths 8to 17'

  • 5 types of LED light tracks to retrofit flat & articulating (folding) gate arms

  • LED lighting on one or both sides of the gate arm

  • IP68-rated LED strips in 1' to 20' lengths

  • Programmable LED Controller works with any operator

LED-illuminated Barrier Gate Arms

Introducing our new LED folding  barrier arm! This exciting new design folds the barrier arm in the middle and retracts completely above the operator.
No gate parts blocking the entrance! Ideal for low overhead environments!

Barrier gate accidents are common but preventable with our innovative products. 

Our patented gate arms have LED lighting built into the gate arm. The LEDs are bright red when the arm is down, but turn bright green when the arm goes up. The LEDs make the gate arms much more visible to vehicle drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, which reduces accidents and liability.

We also manufacture a variety of mounting brackets so you can mount our 3” round gate arm to many brands of gate operators. Alternatively, you can buy our LED track and attach LEDs to existing gate arms that have a flat mounting surface.

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