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The #1 Sold LED Retainer Track Is Back!

Due to popular demand we are excited to announce the return of one of our original LED Retainer Track now named TRACKSNG5-CLASSIC which is available on your next order!


  • Flat 1” mount area next to LED Strip

  • Sold in 5ft sections

  • Unpainted 6061 aluminum, easy to cut


Say Hello to 24V Power & LEDs

It’s time for a HUGE upgrade. Our 24V products are scheduled for release in late 2023 which includes our Power Supply, LED Strips and LED Controller.

Moving forward into 2024, all of our safety light systems will be 24V only. 

Now is the time to stock up on legacy items to help with future repairs.  

New & Improved Upgraded Connectors

Thicker is better. We are upgrading our connectors on the LED Strips & LED Harness Cables to thicker pins. This will tremendously improve the connection and deliver better power.  

  • Thicker pins = easier installation

  • Gray connector cap helps identify 24V cables from 12V cables

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