LED-illuminated Barrier Gate Arms

Do vehicles hit your gates? Reduce accidents while improving appearance with this simple gate upgrade!

Everyone understands that red means STOP and green means GO. Our brightly colored LEDs are highly visible both day and night. With a simple installation, our LED Gate Arms will reduce liability while saving you time and money.

LED Swing & Slide Gate Safety Light Kits

EVERY gate should be lighted! Adding LEDs to swing & slide gates reduces accidents and LOOKS GREAT! Reduce Liability!

Our swing and slide gate light kits will save you money by dramatically reducing gate accidents while significantly improving gate appearance and visibility. 

LED-illuminated Door Safety Kits

Prevent commercial door strikes and costly damage. Protect lives and equipment. Perfect for high-speed freezer doors.

Our high‐intensity LEDs bask the immediate area in red light when your door is closed and turn green when it is safe to pass. With a simple installation, our Door Safety Kits can save you $thousands and perhaps save a life.

Truck Restraint & Dock Leveler Light Kits

Prevent loading dock accidents by directing forklift and truck traffic. Accidents are avoidable with better communication.

Our LEDs serve as a truck-restraint lighting system that activates when a truck locks at a warehouse dock. Green, yellow and red lights communicate to the truck driver and the dock forklift drivers regarding the truck restraint's status (locked, unlocked, failed lock).