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LED Swing, Slide & Flat Gate Safety Kit

Unlit gates often hit people, and people often hit unlit gates. Our swing gate and slide gate light kits put attractive LED lighting on heavy gates. Your gates are very expensive to build, install, maintain, and repair. As an owner, you should do whatever necessary to keep cars off of your gates, since expensive damage to gate and cars is inevitable if they touch.

Our swing gate LED lighting is typically mounted under the gate facing the roadway (indirect lighting), and it shows where the swing gate is while it is moving. The slide gate LED lighting is mounted on the fixed entry posts on left and right of the entry. Both light kits dramatically reduce accidents while significantly improving gate appearance.

At this modest price point, given the reduction in liability and high cost of accidents, there is NO rational reason to not illuminate your heavy gate. EVERY gate should be lighted for safety!

Benefits Include:


  • Huge improvement in gate appearance

  • Significant reduction in gate-vehicle accidents

  • Improves visibility around gate for drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians

  • No need to dismount gate for install if using our 90° LED track (mounted on back with LED facing roadway)

  • Low voltage so no install permit needed

Product Options:

  • LEDs can remain white 24/7, or be red while closed, flashing while moving, and green when fully open

  • 5 track options available: single-flange, dual-flange, 90° straight flange, 90°or 45° flange

  • 10', 15', 20' kits available

  • LEDs can be mounted vertically on entrapment edges using 4' or 5' LEDs




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